Profile & History

Over 85 years of experience, a high rate of innovation and brand recognition of over 90 % in the baking craft, that's the Martin Braun company. We are a leading company in the baking agents and aroma sector.


For about 16,000 customers from the area of bakery or confectionary handicraft as well as industrial baking plants in Germany and confectioners across 70 countries around the world, Braun products are the byword for quality baking agents.

Every year, 32,000 t leave the modern production facility in Hanover.
A proprietary logistics centre situated on the plant grounds spanning 30,000 m² controls the optimum supply to customers.

Martin Braun maintains its own subsidiaries in Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Spain and Singapore. Thanks to on-site presence, the best requirements have been met for supplying bakers and confectioners with a wide array of quality products.