Braun offers over 500 products in 70 countries around the world. The exports mainly include confectionery and bakery.

Our success and continued strengthening of the international arena lies in our ability to adapt products and services to the specific needs of each country.

Support partners by offering them training and demonstrations conducted by experts from the bakery, as well as international service provisions.

Our priority has always been quality and service. We believe this gives us an edge over the competition.

To ensure harmonious relations with clients, Martin Braun in 2007 opened a special training center.

In the new BACKFORUM in Hanover are product development, quality control, product testing and marketing, combined in perfect proportions for customer support.

Cooperation partners have the opportunity to practice different scenarios and experiment with a variety of products to follow the application and refine new ideas.

BACKFORUM offers practical presentations, training sessions on marketing and sales, as well as discuss the most important topics in the baking industry and food industry. The Centre has 4900 square meters of space, with 4 rooms bakery and three conference rooms, 120 guests. Each of them is equipped with the bakery equipment and sets of media. The main hall is more than two ovens, diverse in terms of features, a small oven with multi-level ovens to the ovens and the like. There is also 26-meter production line Rondo.

Martin Braun-Gruppe, in partnership with partners, has made the training center BACKFORUM meeting point for the baking industry, and also a symbol of high standard and quality.